Material Management System(MMS)

Prestasi Mewah designs, builds and staffs sophisticated scrap handling, scrap preparation and delivery systems to meet our partners' most rigorous requirements. We provide all the equipment, technology and manpower necessary to run well-engineered, efficient operations for our partners and ensure their ongoing excellence.

We create additional value by maintaining our own modern fleet of material handling and transport equipment, ranging from hydraulic cranes, gantry and equilibrium cranes to front-end loaders, pallet carriers, off-highway trucks and railcars. Such material management system would definitely maximize our partners’ transportation capability and its flexibility.

Through scrap optimization, inventory control, managed transportation and a reduction in the number of times scrap is handled, we help our partners attain the lowest possible cost in scrap management. Our scrap management services typically include a combination of most or all of the following components mentioned above.

At our customers' operations, the value of scrap in inventory can easily reach several million dollars. We design scrap yards to optimize inventory levels while offering flexibility for shipments to arrive by the most economical means - whether by truck, rail or barge. Our system monitors all movements allowing tighter inventory control. Frequent turnover and "zeroing" of stockpiles are essential to the effective management of multi-million dollar scrap inventory.


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