Growth Strategy

PrestasiMewah’s strategy is to grow by acquisition, and more recently through emphasis on organically developed internal initiatives. PMSB executes this strategy by carefully locating its business platforms across country in order to ensure that we can leverage to increase market penetration by adding tuck-in acquisitions to enhance our competitive advantage. We then look to exploit synergies in transportation, cross-selling among operations and we also work to realize operating efficiencies in order to reduce our cost.

We also seek internalgrowthandexpansion opportunities in contiguous geographic markets in order to maximize market share and profitability. The Company looks to mitigate commodity price risk by diversifying across several commodity metals and through rapid turnover of its inventories. PMSB seeks to have a dominant position in the markets in which it operates and to be the standard-bearer for customer service and quality assurance in the value-added products that we fabricate.


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